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Patch Cords

Cat.5e UTP Patchkabel

Power Cords

Netsnoer Europa RandaardeSchuko C13

USB Cables

USB 2.0 cable A Micro B

Both standard cables as well as customized cables
We can be brief about the cables we manufacture: we manufacture all cables. Both standard cables, like Power Cords and UTP & STP Patchcords, as well as customized cables. We develop them ourselves, but of course we also manufacture them to customer specifications.

We have the specialised experts and all the machinery and tools required for soldering your cables properly and quickly. We also have a very large stock of cables and connectors. And what we don't have in stock, we order quickly to make sure that we do.

Customers often approach us to develop cables. Here are a few cases:

We go to great lengths to offer the best solution to all your demands in the field of cables.
Just challenge us!