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Cable assemblies for the American market

If you want to market products in North America, you will need the correct quality marks. Machines, installations and control panels must comply with specific norms and requirements. Recently, we have completed a project including the UL quality mark.

A Dutch machine construction firm approached us to develop several cable assemblies and cable trees suitable for export to North America. Such assemblies to North America may contain only UL-approved components. From wire to terminals and core end-sleeves, everything must be UL-approved.


UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. This is an independent organization that operates worldwide, inspecting and certifying products related to national safety norms. This is necessary, because the norms for safety and the regulations for testing and certifying products in North America are different than the ones used in Europe.


Added value

By now, we have realized the necessary customized cable solutions, which all have the UL quality mark. This was not a difficult procedure, provided we know how these agencies operate and how the legislation and regulations work. That is the added value we offer for this type of project, in addition to the development track itself..

The machine construction firm can be sure that its cable assemblies meet all the national norms.

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