International Power Cords

The variation in Power Cords throughout the world is huge. Not only can they differ in length and color, but also – technically more relevant – in plug type and connector type. On top of that, many countries have their own, sometimes unique standards that apply to the Power Cords used in their country.

2E Interconnection manufactures an extremely broad variety of international Power Cords. In this section, you can select the international power cord you need, either by country, standard, plug type, or by connector type. No matter what entrance you choose, we will lead you to the right power cord.

Power Cords by country

On this page, you can easily find which Power Cords are used in what country. Simply click on the country of your choice, and you will find all specs of the Power Cords we supply in this specific country.
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Power Cords by plug type

On this page, you will find the twelve plug types (Type A – Type L) and their country specific features.
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Power Cords by connector type

On this page, you will find the Power Cords we supply, sub-divided by connector type. For every connector type, we have indicated what power plug types go with it.
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You will find our products in our webhop The Cable Specialist.

Netsnoer Argentinië
Power Cords Argentina

Netsnoer Australië
Power Cords Australia

Netsnoer Brazilië
Power Cords Brazil

Netsnoer China
Power Cords China

Netsnoer Denemarken
Power Cords Denmark

Netsnoer Europa
Power Cords Europe
 Netsnoer India
Power Cords India
Netsnoer Israel
Power Cords Israel
Netsnoer Italië
Power Cords Italy

Netsnoer Japan
Power Cords Japan

Netsnoer Korea
Power Cords Korea

Netsnoer Saoudi-Arabië
Power Cords Saudi Arabia

Netsnoer Taiwan
Power Cords Taiwan

Netsnoer UK
Power Cords UK

Netsnoer USA
Power Cords USA

Netsnoer Zuid-Afrika
Power Cords South-Afrika

Netsnoer Zwitserland
Power Cords Switserland

Custom Power Cords

We offer you the possibility to design your own custom Power Cords. You can go directly to our design form to specify your requirements. Want to read more about this?
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