Product development

Most of our customers require very specific cables and assemblies: that means customisation. Yet we regularly see increasing demands for new types of 'generic' cable. In such cases, we may decide to develop a new product ourselves. Top quality cable engineering!

In these cases, we take care of the entire cable engineering process: from initiation, design, development and research right up to engineering, production, testing and marketing. In this way we have already included some products in our standard range:

medical power cable 01   Medical Power Cable
A medical power cable must work properly and last a long time. But what about hygiene? With traditional cables, dirt and dust has every opportunity to get into the seams between the cables. Because hygiene is so important in a medical environment, we have developed a new solution in this field: a seamless moulded power cable with an equipotential bonding cable. Continue reading.
medical power box 01   Medical Power Box
In a medical environment, a socket outlet must meet a lot of conditions, for its use as well as in the field of hygiene. The Medical Power Box sets the new standard here. Continue reading.