Medical Power Cable

A medical power cable must work properly and last a long time. But what about hygiene? With traditional cables, dirt and dust has every opportunity to get into the seams between the cables. Because hygiene is so important in a medical environment, we have developed a new solution in this field: a seamless moulded power cable with equipotential bonding.medical power cable 04

The power cable and the equipotential bonding cable have been moulded together in a seamless sleeve. Moreover, the cable splices are closed off with an attractive moulding. This gives dirt and dust no chance to get into the seams, as with existing cables. The cable is also lightweight and flexible, so that it is pleasant to use and causes a lot less mechanical damage to connectors or equipment.


Plug Smooth, angled European power plug (Schuko)
IEC 60320 C13 female moulded plug
Cable construction H05VV-F 3 x 1,5 mm2 + H07V-K 1 x 6mm2
Standard lengths 1 metre 
3 metres 
5 metres 
Other lengths upon request

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