IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7

IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7

2E Interconnection supplies its customers with most types of power cords. IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7 is widely used throughout the world. IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7, like all other connector types, has its own specifications. In this section (‘Power cords IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7’), you will find the plug types that go with IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7.

If you need a connector type other than IEC 60320 C7 | IEC 320 C7 or any of the other connector types on this page, please contact us. We are a flexible supplier and keep expanding our range of connector types and other interconnection products day by day.

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Note: We used the following source for the determination of the plug types:

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