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Case: customized applications for standard cables

We often seek solutions on your behalf that will increase efficiency. Or we may propose a more attractive solution. In addition to customized cables, we consequently provide customized solutions for standard cables.

In this respect we recently made wire harnesses for one of our resellers for connecting computers for about 350 workstations. After a preliminary inspection we made the wire harnesses at our own workshop. This was handy for the customer, as the installer no longer needed to unpack the individual cables on location, unroll them all and harness them together.

Preliminary inspection

Kabelboom compleet

We believe a thorough preliminary inspection on location to be essential. During the preliminary inspection, together with the customer we examined and created a test set-up containing the cables and the related products the customer wished to include.

Kabelboom eindWorkshop

At our workshop we then made wire harnesses containing three Cat6 patch cables, one USB 3.0 cable, one Display port cable and one power cord. Doing all of this ourselves meant that the wire harnesses could be installed very quickly. This in turn meant both a highly satisfied customer and installer.


Thanks to this project running so smoothly, we recently received a new request from the same reseller. The same customer has asked us to work on 530 workstations at a different location.

So however standard a product may seem to be: we are happy to customise it!