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Saudi Arabian power cords: the same, and yet different...

Power cords come in a huge variety, each country having its own specifications. In this series, we describe some of the most prominent specs of international power cord types. In this issue: Saudi Arabian power cords.

The most noticeable aspect is the similarity to UK power cords: the two are identical in technical terms. Yet there is one major difference: UK power cords do not usually have SASO certification. And this makes them unsuitable for export to Saudi Arabia.

Netsnoer Saoedi Arabie C5 Zwart kopie

Netsnoer Saoedi Arabie C5 Zwart kopie



English power cord Saudi-Arabian power cord    

SASO 2203

SSASO is the certification body in Saudi Arabia. In line with the SASO 2203 standard, Saudi Arabian power cords have 3-pin plugs containing a fuse. This type is also used in the United Kingdom and there it comes under the UK’s BS1363 standard. Saudi Arabian power cords are also manufactured in line with the SASO 2203 standard.

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For export to Saudi Arabia, the power cords need to be awarded a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), issued by an authorized inspectorate. Moreover, all goods need to be labeled with a non-removable mark of origin. UK power cords rarely meet these specifications and are therefore seldom suitable for export to Saudi Arabia.